bridge over streamA translation is a bridge between two cultures, not just a transfer of words from one language into the framework of another. Using a translation that reads like a genuine text in German is crucial if you want to communicate your message successfully. A true translation reflects your style and evokes the same effect as the original. So it is important to choose your translator well.

At ablewords, you receive a one-to-one service, which means that you have a direct contact, and we can build a strong working relationship in which I gain a good understanding of your business and feel for your style. This enables me to provide you with translations of:

  • consistent quality
  • consistent terminology
  • consistent message

For an individual quote, please send in your text together with details of your specific requirements (e.g. intended use, target readership, required deadline, house style).

All services are subject to ablewords' terms & conditions which you can view and download as a PDF here.

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Quality control

All translations from ablewords include a professional proof run and are ready to use.

If you require a translation that has been proofread by a second pair of eyes (recommended for printed or permanent customer-oriented material such as brochures or websites), ablewords can provide you with a complete solution. I collaborate with experienced German proofreaders and offer external proofreading services as an option.

I generally translate from English into German (my mother tongue), but I work closely with professional English translators and proofreaders so that I may be able to help you with translations from German into English as well.

Express service

A translation is a creative process, and it is recommended not to rush it. Think of the time you have spent crafting the original and give the translator enough time to treat the translation with the same care. This will give you the best result.

However, if time is of the essence, the express service (jump the queue/outside business hours) is there to help you as quickly as possible. It is charged at 1.5 times the normal rate and needs to be arranged during business hours.

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